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                20 years of years?of?brand?history?of?accumulation

                Cannytop, is a modern large-scale production enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales of high-quality shower room and supporting products. Cannytop owns advanced modern production equipment and glass and hardware processing production line, and has 18,000 square meters of industrial park plant production base. Products strict implementation of ISO9001-2000 , and strong design team, extensive cooperation with domestic and international relevant research institutes, Achieve innovation breakthrough in product appearance, structure and other fields, has made the product more than 20 patents of production shower room, shower room industry leads to a whole new level.

                Alliance advantage

                "CANNYTOP" brand shower room is a series of products dominated by stainless steel series. All of the imported SUS304 stainless steel plates are selected, and the hardware is made of fine casting, the line is hard and beautiful, the transition is natural, all corners can reach the perfect 90 degree Angle; The components such as hinge, support bar, wall clamp and handle are used in vacuum electroplating process, and have a number of patented technologies, including multiple composite profiles to ensure the quality. Make the shower a pleasure.

                "CANNYTOP" brand to the Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other high-end domestic product designer brand shower room of space and the creative thought, the design of many list, finely crafted, created in the domestic first-class high-end brand - "CANNYTOP".

                2006 "CANNYTOP" brand (China) marketing center formally founded in Zhongshan city, and formed the professional team of marketing, brand management team and after-sales service team, to promote "CANNYTOP" brand products in the domestic market development.
                Through the development of recent years, the "CANNYTOP" brand sales network is spread across all provinces in China, municipalities directly under the central government and important cities and counties, providing a wide range of high-quality products and services for the Chinese people.

                "CANNYTOP" brand (China) marketing center will be taken from raw material procurement, production sales, channel management, quality management to provide around China partners including store (area) professional design, product quality, marketing management, logistics and so on a full range of security; Powerful terminal ERP system that integrated information management platform and a mobile phone APP application management platform support terminal dealers measurement anytime and anywhere, orders, receiving, installation, acceptance, and customer management, service management, etc.

                Systemic promotion planning, throughout the year all the unity of the active node advertising materials, as well as various conventional promotional materials and brand promotion, make full use of the offline and online campaign and buildup, enhance brand influence; To promote the overall promotion from dynamic advertising to store materials, effectively promote the strength of the brand in the national market.

                Domestic well-known marketing experts held, senior marketing summit, terminal rapid content such as direct selling skills training, enhance the dealer management operation level, by organizing the national distributor convention and "CANNYTOP " brand business management mode, make national excellent dealer successful experience to share with you, every year to carry out special training camp that guides,..., let your staff in the most practical way from product explanation, sales skills, service etiquette aspects of rapid ascension, for you to create a marketing team fighting capacity of the Wolf.

                "CANNYTOP" brand to join all dealers will enjoy the high quality one-stop output overall service, including shop decoration design, material selection guide, decorate subsidies, sample policy, sales rebate, advertising support materials, opening gifts, stores, sales promotion policy, staff training, such as all-round cooperation support system, to build a good business environment for the dealers.

                The national free service hotline 4008302030, professional customer service staff, follow up the service to solve the worries of sales.






                Production and operation system

                Non-standard custom
                Non-standard custom
                Free design drawing
                Free installation

                3+3 marketing operation mode

                8 Advantages dealer support

                Opening support
                Resource support
                Policy support
                Service Support
                Product support
                Management support
                Training Support
                Promotion support

                Multidimensional product series

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